4. Mai 2020 08:00



Many have heard of Microanalysis of Face-to-Face Dialogue. But what could be the value in knowing more about it? How can we apply it to our SF practice?

Did you know that you can optimize your solution-focused practice with this method and become even more congruent in your SF practice?

  • Get to know Microanalysis of Face-to-Face Dialogue.

  • Learn how to use it to optimize your solution-focused practice.

  • Become a more congruent practitioner.

Join us in this 4-week online course where we explore the method, the important elements, the applications to SF practice, and the fit between what we do and what we think we do.



How much…

  • 4 weeks

  • 20 hours in total

  • 8 hours of live webinars

  • 12 hours of asynchronous learning

From us…

  • Videos of important articles

  • An interactive blended-learning environment

  • All the tools you need to do it yourself in the future

For you…

  • Video analysis of your own conversations

  • practical applications

  • transfer into your SF context


  • Co-creating an interactive learning community

  • Exploring the values of an interactional view

  • Experiencing inspiring and fun learning


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